A life-shaping event

What am I here for?
What is God's next step for me?

August 11-13, 2017.
Mt Tamborine Conference Centre

Why come? It's a place to think and pray about our response to what God is doing in the world.

Jesus entrusted the church (that is us!) with the Great Commission to go into ALL the world preaching, teaching and making disciples – both those across the street and those across the seas.

Come join us at Mission Matters to be ... encouraged, envisioned and equipped to help complete that commission cross-culturally, both at home and abroad.

This event is a great opportunity to:

  • Hear God's amazing love for the lost through first-hand accounts of those who have served cross-culturally to fulfil this mission critical commission.
  • Seek out and spend one on one time with others who've made Jesus’ passion and focus their own.
  • Engage with both local and global cross-cultural mission.
  • Take time out to pray and ask "What is God's next step for me?" .


Main speaker sessions, electives, personal reflection times, fellowshipping with fellow Jesus' followers. Creche and kids programs for all ages.


Mountaintop experience at the beautiful surrounds of Mt Tamborine; on site accommodation or camping style; enjoy God’s nature at its best.


Be encouraged and challenged by the main session speakers plus many other missionaries leading interactive elective workshops and seminars.


Many mission agencies and Bible colleges will be there to journey with you to help you make the most of this amazing opportunity by exploring the scope of what God is doing in the world.

Short Term Mission Trip - Scholarship

Mission Matters will be offering a scholarship for at least one conference attendee to go on a short term missions trip!

The scholarship will be up to $1000, and will be paid to the short term mission group/event, not to the individual This CAN be someone who is going as part of a pre-arranged church short term mission trip OR, it can be someone who has decided to go on a short term mission trip that is advertised at the conference as a consequence of their time at the Mission Mattters event.

In order to qualify you must ...

  • Have NOT gone on a short term cross-cultural mission trip before.
  • Be planning to go on a short term cross-cultural mission trip in the next 12 months.
  • Agree to attend Mission Matters 2018 to report back about their experience (and encourage someone to go next year)
  • Be present on the Sunday 13th when it is announced.

Please ensure that you have registered before applying ...

Keynote Speakers

Bill and Faye have served as full-time missionaries with Power to Change (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) since 1979. For the first 20 years Bill led Youth Ministries across Australia and internationally training Youth Pastors and school workers in how to build disciplemaking youth ministries reaching non-churched youth.

Bill served as National Director of Power to Change from 1999-2013 continuing to invest in developing leaders with a commitment to mission and a passion to build Jesus centred movements of multiplying disciples. Since 2013 his role is 50% focusing in Australia and 50% globally on training leaders and nurturing church planting and multiplication. He serves on CCC International Global Church Movements team.

Bill enjoys photography, playing guitar, travel, hanging out over good coffee with family and friends.

Faye and he enjoy their four married children and 10 grandchildren.

Chris Ayers

Originally a school teacher from Queensland, Chris felt called to pursue full-time ministry 17 years ago. In 2005, he and his wife Judy moved their young family to Melbourne for theological training. It was during this time, that they felt called to serve cross-culturally in mission and in mid-2008 they departed Australia to help with church planting in Eastern Europe. For the next 8 years, their ministry focused primarily on bible teaching, discipling, counselling and community outreach. In this time, it was a joy for them to see a new Baptist church established in the city of Opole, Poland.

Early last year, Chris and Judy felt God calling them out of this work and they arrived back in Australia last December. Since then, they have been visiting family, friends and supporters while they prayerfully investigate their next steps in ministry.

Conference Schedule There will be a Creche and All Age Children's program. You can Download a schedule to Save or Print.


What am I here for?

When Jesus began his ministry he had a clear mission and purpose. He knew what He was here for and every moment of His life on earth was driven by that plan and purpose. He gathered others around him to impart that vision and eventually He handed over to them this same mission.

Knowing where we fit into the big picture of God's plan is as essential as it was for Jesus. It affects everything we do and every decision we make ... just like it did for Jesus. Even if we've had a clear purpose in the past, we still need to take some regularly mountain time to refocus, refine and sharpen our vision and direction. God may even be wanting us to take a very different journey to the past ... but if we're not taking time out to listening we might not hear Him!

Chris will take us on a journey to unpack this important truth and lead us into spending time over this weekend to know what we're really here for.

Seriously ... This is life changing stuff. Don't miss it!


What is God doing in the World that I'm in ?

So if we're going to find out where we fit in to God's plan then we need to start by seeing the world and what's happening in it from God's perspective. It's so easy to get caught up in our studies, career, family and friendships and even church life and yet still only seeing what's going on around us through the eyes of the world.

God's perspective on things is very different. Seeing things from His angle is like lifting the fog. In a world filled with "information" it takes time and practice to change our perspective.

Bill will leads us in seeing afresh what's really happening in the our world as God sees it. Life will throw us stresses, detours and even roadblocks that from a worldly perspective might seem insurmountable. Seeing things from God's viewpoint will help us see where these events fit in and what's the way forward.

Once we can get God's perspective on things ... finding our part in God's plan will become much clearer.

An offering will be taken during this session.

Morning Tea - Make the most of it!

Morning tea time is a chance for you to stretch your legs and to go meet some people who've walked the talk. Their life stories and insights are gold so why not even book a time to chat over lunch or even take a take a walk beside someone who's been there done that.

Many of us are coming just to be there for you so we can share this moment ... so make the best use of it!

Electives #1. Opportunities.

A major part of taking next steps is checking out some potential options.

We've invited guest speakers who will talk about real ministry needs from the field asking the question ... Where can we best focus our efforts in a post Christian era?

This is a great chance to hear life experiences and ideas for serving Jesus both here and overseas.

Am I ready?

We've assembled an expert panel to take your questions. This is your turn. So Fire Away!

Bill Hodgson will kick off this Question and Answer session by asking ...

  • - How do we know when we're ready for ministry ?
  • - How can I best prepare to serve ?

Electives #2. Digging Deeper

Following on the Q & A session, these electives will investigate further how we be preparing ourselves for ministry.

Digging Deeper topics will include:

  • - Discerning God’s Will
  • - The Spiritual and the Secular
  • - Spiritual Warfare
  • - Am I ready psychologically and emotionally?

Where am I in what God is doing in the world ?

Okay ... So now you've got your bearings ... Where do you fit in ? In this session Chris will take us to the next important signpost along this journey.

Discerning God's will and direction for our life is no easy deal. It often takes time, commitment and perseverance and lots of listening.

Even for those of us who are "old hands at the wheel" God always has new lessons or reminders on guidance.


What am I going to do tomorrow ?

Now it's action time ... but what do I do ?

We all know that sliding back into the world on Monday morning has its risks. How are we going to stay on track to keep God's perspective and to "run the race with endurance" ?

Bill will give us some practical advice on laying a foundation to ensure that we fulfil what we've learned and discerned over the weekend.

Of course this is just the beginning!

An offering will be taken during this session.


Loving our neighbour - reaching out to refugees with the hope of Jesus

In this workshop we'll look at what it says from the bible about refugees, and through stories of refugee friends, be more aware of the local and global context and what we can be doing in our churches and neighbourhoods to 'welcome the stranger/foreigner in our gates'.

James Lee & Fiona Hodge

We both work with people and churches - James is the Relationships Manager at International Nepal Fellowship (INF) Australia and also part-time Associate Pastor and One Family Church, a multicultural congregation in western Sydney. Fiona works as Engagement Director at International Teams Australia with a background in social work assisting asylum seekers and refugees in the community.

Vicarious Church Planting - The Missionary doesn't have to do it all.

Hear the story of how God prepared and sent us to plant churches in East Asia, and then used our skills to enable locals to plant a church instead. Together we'll talk about how missionaries' roles are changing and how there's still plenty that we can do to partner with God's people in other cultures.

L & C

L grew up as an East Asian Muslim, moved to Australia where he met Jesus, and wife C, and together they have served for 5 years in East Asia among L's own Muslim minority people group.

Taking coal to Newcastle? Why take the gospel to Europe in the C21st?

Walking through the cities or towns of Europe you can't miss the myriads of church buildings. Politics, art, worldview and many other aspects of life and culture have deep links to church traditions. Europe, and specifically Rome, was once the centre of world Christianity. Many would still consider it to be so today. So why send missionaries there? Isn't is taking the gospel to people already evangelised? Isn't it a waste of resources? This elective will explore the situation and gospel needs in Europe today with a specific focus on Italy.

Gillian Law

Gillian works in Rome in partnership with CMS and GBU (Gruppi Biblici Universitari, the university christian student group) whose goal is to 'share Jesus from student to student'. Having grown up in a Christian family she can't remember a time when she didn't believe that Jesus was Lord and Saviour but at boarding school, away from family, she realised that being a Christian was about a personal relationship with God not merely a family tradition. She studied physiotherapy at university and experienced how crucial uni years are for people to investigate Jesus and let their lives be transformed by him. She worked as a physio, a TAFE teacher and just before moving to Italy she served Christ at the church on campus at the Uni of New England in Armidale.

Reaching the World through International Students

Every year hundreds of thousands of students from all over the globe travel to Australia to study. We have a unique opportunity to introduce them to Jesus during their time here, and to send them back to their home countries with the gospel. Come and hear what God is doing amongst international students, and some ideas for how to reach them.

James Brennan

James Brennan and Rodney Weatherhead have been serving international students at UQ and QUT for the last five years. They serve with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Courage in Christ - Confronting Spiritual Powers

Confronted with demonic activity on almost a daily basis Mark and Susan learnt to take courage in Christ and boldly confront the evil spirits who sought to destroy them and the people they lived among. While fear may cause us to run and retreat, Christ calls us to walk in His power and strength and boldly stand against Satan and his schemes. Drawing from scripture and twenty years of experience of serving among animistic peoples in the Philippines, Mark and Susan will explore the challenge of being bold when engaging the spiritual forces of darkness.

Mark and Susan Chapman

Mark and Susan Chapman joined OMF International in 1994 and served in the Philippines for twenty years in tribal church planting, leadership training, community development and overall field leadership. They returned to Australia in June 2014 and are currently serving with OMF Australia. Mark is the Ministry Leader for Queensland and Northern Territory and Susan is the Training and Development Coordinator for OMF Australia. They have two daughters, Hannah and Ruth who are tertiary students.

Breaking the Barrier between "Spiritual" Ministry and "Secular" Work

For years missionaries, and now many emerging churches, have seen a division between work that is considered "spiritual" or "secular", often dismissing the later as less significant. Many people are unaware of the historical and cultural forces that have brought about this thinking and how this may be negatively affecting the growth of His Kingdom and the maturing of His Church. As we go forward it is important to recognise the relevance of God to every aspect of life and thus see the transformational work of the Spirit in the growth of His Church.

Pip Nelson

Pip Nelson has been involved with cross-cultural missions since her first trip to East Asia at 17. For the past 10 years she has lived and worked in Asia working in and engaging individuals and organisations working in Business As Missions (BAM), social enterprises, and charities that are seeking to engage issues of poverty, trafficking, prostitution, trauma, refugees and fostor and orphan care. She is passionate about seeing the Church be the multi-faceted and multi-gifted body God has made it to be and to engage the world for His glory.

Call & Discernment: Learning God's direction for my life

Have you wondered what it might look like if God tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to something specific or to go somewhere specific? It may have been in a church service, during a missions conference, or simply when reading the Bible or some material about missions. But was it really God's Spirit in you or could it have been wild fantasy? In this session we will look at what God's word shows us about how we may discover His plans for our lives. We will include such questions as, Why did God make me? God's “call” on my life: Career or Vocation? How can I recognise God's “call”? Could I miss out on God's call for my life? Could I get God's call wrong? How will I know who or what God may be calling me to? What's next?

Rev. Bob Rogers

Bob initially trained as a Motor Mechanic with the thought he would spend the rest of his life in Papua New Guinea in a support role with a mission. God had other plans however and, following graduation from Bible College, Bob was accepted by Everyman's Welfare Service where he, together with his wife, Leanne, spent 26 years ministering within the military, including active service in Cambodia. Further study led to ordination and pastoral service at a Baptist church in Brisbane. Bob now serves as the Queensland State Director of Global Interaction. He has lectured in Old Testament at Malyon College and is currently the Director of Field Education at the Brisbane School of Theology.

Vulnerability is a Core Message in Evangelism

The love and power of God is demonstrated through giving up comforts, conveniences, even technology to incarnate the gospel. "Take nothing for your journey," he instructed them. "Don't take a walking stick, a traveler's bag, food, money, or even a change of clothes.” (Luke 9:3) This is vitally important for westerners (who are globally powerful) when taking the gospel overseas.

Ralph Reilly

Ralph is the Australian Coordinator for Servants. For eight years he has been recruiting and preparing Australians to give up their lives of comfort and to follow Jesus living amongst Asia's urban poor. Following God's calling, Ralph has experienced mission environments in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, South Africa and Australia. Ralph's passion is seeking spiritual growth for those around him, for justice and compassion in this world of vast inequality, and that we listen to the small, gentle voices of God's spirit and of the poor.

Am I ready? – Psychologically and emotionally?

Living in a cross-cultural setting makes psychological and emotional demands of us. This session will help participants identify their aptitude for cross-cultural ministry and provide strategies for growth.

MIQ Member Care Network Team

Missions Interlink Member Care Network Team supports Qld mission agencies and local churches involved in cross-cultural mission through coordinating, providing and equipping interested Christians in quality member care. Our current team consists of mission field workers past & present, agency personnel, and care professionals.


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Missions Interlink is the Australian network for global mission.

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